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This page is a hashing together of links, example solves, and terse explanations of CPLS's progress. This will not be a documentation of the actual method; that information is already available on the wiki.

After you have set up CPLS, you should be in one of two cases:
1 F2L is solved, apart from one misoriented corner.
2 F2L is solved apart from one corner, by both orientation and permutation.

Because teaching very basic CP recognition that can be found in, say, pogobat's beginner's tutorial is beyond the scope of this project, I'll be ignoring the first of these cases as far as recognition is concerned. Algs will be provided for case 1, but case 2 comes up more often and is quite frankly harder to deal with.

For situation 2:
The first step in this approach is to AUF (adjust the Upper face) such that the corner to be placed in DFR is located at position URF. For me, since I do ZZ with a white line on D (let's say I do..) I should see a white sticker somewhere on that corner. Be sure of this.

From this point, locate the sticker clockwise of the U-face color sticker of UFL and take note of its color.

Example of recognition/solving

If you have a cube with a standard color scheme, grab it.
Scramble with the following:
U F2 L2 D' F B' D' B U F B' D' R2 F' D B R2 D U' R2 D R F2 U' R'
EOline: z2 L B2 F' D U B' R2 B' (8)
Left block: R' U2 R' L2 U L U' L' U2 L U L2 (12/20)

[picture] In this example, the first color is blue, which I'll later refer to as 'b.'
Repeat this step for the corner at UBL.
[picture] In this example, the second color is orange, resulting in a string of 'bo.'
Repeat this step for the last time for the corner at UBR.
[picture] Since the third color is green, we have a string of 'bog.'

Knowing your color scheme well is crucial at this point, for you now have to check the order of these letters in comparison with one of four 'defaults.'

Before I continue, let me just list out the 'defaults' for my color scheme (standard for these purposes, white on D, blue on F):
'bog', 'ogr', 'grb', 'rbo'. These come from the string of face-colors found on F, heading clockwise on the cube. These substrings are of bogrbo, and I have found it useful to memorize these.

If your string results in any of the above (or what may be default for you personally), you're in a 'solved' CP, which actually is my least favorite set of cases :p

~to be continued

My unfinished CPLS and 2GLL alg print-ables: .doc .pdf

2GLL algs