From Speedsolving post (11/10/2010): CPLS and 2GLL discussion

From SpeedSolving thread (12/01/2010): Seth - yet another method involving 2GLL.

While working on CPLS+2GLL, Cyrus and I came up with a little system we named "Seth" arbitrarily, and this thread is merely to publish the final idea.

Whether this system can be used to benefit ones times, I'm not yet sure.

Here's what a typical CFOP-Seth solve would look like:
F2L 1, 2, 3
Seth set-up (place DFR and FR, but don't care about orientation)
Seth (81 cases)
2GLL (84 cases)

2 weeks after thinking of this, we've collectively found algs for all of the cases, which will be linked at the bottom. If you can not figure out recognition for corner permutation yourself, please refer yourself to the CPLS+2GLL thread where I've explained it as much as I can for now. The concepts are similar, but is easier for Seth than it is for CPLS (4 edges moving rather than 5, all in LL).