stachu's site for experimental method documentations, rants, and more...

My name is Stachu Korick, I've been cubing since October 13, 2007, and the intent of this website is to give you a tour of some ideas and developments. Actually, I have quit as of mid-2012. I might make a few programs at some point, but I no longer go to competitions or actively practice/participate in forums.

I have been best known for my work on finding algorithms for and documenting non-mainstream methods and substeps, most notably 2GLL, CPLS, CLS, and L2L. All of these concepts should be available above.

In addition to developing methods, I have also maintained a desire for cubing-related programming, which will at some point be available. I also love finding algs.

For any questions/comments, please message email me at StachuKorick [at] gmail.com.

A third method of reaching me would be to find me on irc.freenode.net as 'statue', typically on #rubik.

Concerning my time when I'm not cubing, I am attending college to pursue a bachelor's in Mathematics/Computer Science. While not performing school-related activities, I enjoy programming (namely C# and more of the .NET platform), being with my girlfriend, playing the guitar, working (web dev), writing poetry, and playing video games, typically older ones.

This site has not been updated in a long time and I plan to make very few changes henceforth.

Also, I no longer fail this much at developing websites. I know this looks horrid.

MIT, US Nationals 2010