L2Lk (Last 2 Layers, as proposed by Stachu Korick)

L2Lk is an alternate 3x3 speedsolving method developed in late 2010 through 2011. Although some steps of L2L4 and L2Lk overlap, my current focus is on my personal variant.

  • Looking for L2L4?
  • First Layer
    Complete a layer (bottom layer shown).

    12-14 moves, 4-5 seconds
    CO (Corner Orientation)
    Solve the FL edge and orient the last-layer corners while preserving the first layer. 56 cases.

    ~9 moves, 1.5 seconds
    CP (Corner Permutation)
    Solve the FR edge and permute the last-layer corners while preserving the first layer, the FL edge, and last-layer corner orientation. Do a y2! 30 cases.

    ~11 moves, 2.5 seconds
    L2E (Last 2 Edges)
    Solves the FL and FR edges while preserving the rest of the first two layers and last-layer corners. 36 cases.

    ~9 moves, 2 seconds
    ELL (Edges of Last Layer)
    Solve the last layer edges in one step. 29 cases.

    ~11 moves, 2 seconds
    86 algorithms for CO and CP; 36 for L2E and 29 for ELL, with many overlaps.

    ~52 moves, 12-13 seconds

    Notation and Notes

    • Commutator: [A, B] = A B A' B'
    • Conjugation: [A; B] = A B A'
    • x if known well